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Welcome Adventurers' to the FIGHTING FANTASY : Beyond the Pit. This area of the Official Fighting Fantasy website has been created as an ongoing project to present the entire resource of all Fighting Fantasy related monsters and encounters in the series past and present. Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

S: Beyond the Pit - updated 1st November

New entries in Beyond the Pit: Slyth, Fetch, Giant, Moon Claf, Torrent, Tremor Worm, Blizzard Wing, Aakor, Marsh Wraith, Swamp Rats, Swamp Goablins, Fungoids, Sabre-Tooth Cat, Yeti, Rock Grub, Ferrovore, Iron Eater, Grannit, Giant Bat, Boulder Beast, Earth Elemental, Rust Golem, Fog Elemental, Great EEl, Hammerhead Shark, Skeletal Crew, Reef Dwellers, Leviathan, Blisterwing, Salamander, Naiad, Abyssal Horror, Whale-Worm, Fire Elemental, Bone Fire, Magma Beast, Fire Wyrm, Sand Storm, Bird-Man, Dust Devil, Vulture, Storm Drake, Techno-Humunculus, Fire-Sprites.

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INDEX: Beyond the Pit

Fighting Fantasy 'Beyond the Pit' is a brand new definitive companion written to primarily present an exciting new guide to the monsters and creatures of the Gamebook series. A bestiary and in-depth guide that will allow Games Masters to frighten their adventurers with a minimum of work, and provide amateur writers with a resource to build even better amateur adventures.

'Beyond the Pit' will present definitive guides to elementals, constructs, the undead and demons, common animals and much more to further deepen your knowledge on the most dangerous and frightening monstrosities of Titan. It will also present for the first time, exclusive categorised detailed guides to the most popular creatures from the Fighting Fantasy series.

On the following alphabetical links above you will find details on a great many fearsome creatures and beings that inhabit the savage lands of Titan and the many surrounding planes. You are free to use these creatures in all of your own amateur Fighting Fantasy adventures as a solo player, or GamesMaster of Fighting Fantasy. Introductory Role-playing Game and Advanced Fighting Fantasy Games Masters may adapt them to surprise players in new adventures designed by their own very quill. Every entry that follows is described in two sections – one lists the statistics for the creatures as ease of reference, while the other consists of a colourful description detailing as much as possible about the creatures itself and its special features. The first section as seen below, presents and lists a common set of categories that describe each of the creatures’ abilities. Please read the following guide on how the Fighting Fantasy creatures are listed:


6. TYPE:
8. WITS:
9. SIZE:
11. BOOK:
Followed by a DESCRIPTION

Special Thanks

I will provide thanks to all contributors here who help develop the resources needed to expand and maintain the Beyond the Pit. Thanks, too, will go to all those who e-mail me with their suggestions, corrections, ideas and just general support. A big thanks to Giles Belanger (for the scans), Doug Riddell, Kenneth Beuden, Dan Williams, Daniel Fiander, Michael Taylor, Andy...Greyarea13 and all my fellow original Rebuilding_Titan members for the memorable discussions that provided encouragement and inspiration to develop the original 'Beyond the Pit' index that will now evolve and develop here.

Please feel free to contribute and submit information to the 'Beyond the Pit' as we are very grateful when our readers notice any typo, error or a creature that is missing from this collection. Please send us an email with the corrected information or any contributions that present scenario and plot hook ideas for using the Beyond the Pit entries in your adventures. Should you wish to submit detailed information on a creature or monster for your work to become 'canon' you must agree to allow the website editor and the right to use, modify, publish and sell your material as desired along with the name of your source so that we can validate it. Full credit for any contributions will be acknowledge on the main 'Beyond the Pit' acknowledgement links and page.

All text published here may not be reproduced without permission. All text downloaded from this web site remain the moral and intellectual property of the FF editors and writers concerned. Some creatures, monsters, characters, places, and other names may be copyright Fighting Fantasy.


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