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We are delighted to present another exciting more Amateur Adventures in the mighty Great Wizard's Amateur Gamebook area.

Update 3rd September 2011 with

Updated 18th October 2010 with

  • Hellfire by Philip Sadler. Snattacat

    It’s the dead of night. A roll of thunder rumbles over the distant mountains, lightning flashes all around you and heavy rain lashes down. The moon looks unusual tonight; a sickly white, the colour of bone. You stare at the horizon and somehow know that He is staring right back at you, but you're not afraid, not of him, for you know it is your destiny to slay him ...

    Six weeks ago:

    You awake to the familiar sight of yet another stormy day and remark to yourself, 'Who ever heard of a storm lasting for days on end?' who indeed. People in your home town of Calah had begun to talk of curses and damnation, some had already left and others were saying they had the right idea. You get up and dress in your normal work- clothes, and after a light breakfast of bread, water and eggs, you leave your little house and head off for another hard days work at the blacksmiths, made harder still because of the bitterly cold winter weather. All around you lay misery and fear, not a single smile to be seen. Then It happened: it started to rain blood. People ran, screaming and crying, but this was just the beginning ...

    The dead came back, the seas boiled, reality turned upside-down and people disappeared all over the place. But it wasn't just happening to Calah; it was now happening all over your country of Khul - He was becoming stronger. Then you began to dream about a man ... he's older than you, fatherly, and he needed your help, 'Please save us from hell.', he would beg you every night. He even looked a bit like your own long-dead father ...

    You had to do something. Work was no good - who needed a Blacksmith at a time like this? Everyone was too afraid to even leave their homes, including your employer. So you trained alone in a nearby forest; for long hours on end you would practice your swordmanship, honing your already impressive skills to near-perfection. Till at last you felt ready ...



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