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Latest News- 15th December 2012

Fighting Fantasy to attend Dragonmeet 2012 - Saturday 1st December 2012 - Kensington

Not only is Ian Livingstone attending again this year but he will be joined by Steve Jackson this time as well. Both will be joining The Warlock at their very own Fighting Fantasy table where they will be signing books. Blood of the Zombies will be for sale, signed of course, among other original titles. Come along and join us.

Latest News - 4th November 2012

"Turn to 400" is a documentary film which tells the story of Fighting Fantasy. MmBroadcast is using Kickstarter to raise the funding. The campaign began on Halloween, 31st October 2012 (and only lasts a month!) - please get involved and contribute. They need to raise a whopping £40,000 to get started, so dig deep and help keep Fighting Fantasy live on.

Latest News - 29th October 2012

Bit of a mixed bag to report on today. Tin Man Games can be congratulated on obtaining the Gold Award from Pocket Gamer with a 9 out of 10 rating and reaching no.1 in the iPad RPG chart with the new Blood of Zombies App. A free iOS app has been released by Mark Stoneham called the Gamebook Companion that acts as a virtual adventure sheet, ideal when playing your Fighting Fantasy books or similar. Don't despair if you don't have any dice or a pencil, or no longer fret about ruining your book by writing in it as this tool enables you store all your stats and more in one place.

Most exciting news of all is that MmBroadcast, the company responsible for bringing us the Fighting Fantasy documentary taster will shortly be releasing a UK Kickstarter project to fund the documentary. They have created a Facebook page - Turn to 400 in the build up to the 30-day project which starts on Halloween. Dig deep into those pockets and fund a film about your favourite subject, use it or lose it!

Latest News - 23rd October 2012

Latest News - 19th October 2012

Blood of the Zombies is now available for download from the Apple app store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), both at £3.99. No doubt it will become available on other platforms as have other Adventure Gamebooks released by Tin Man Games.

It doesn't stop here, Tin Man are releasing House of Hell (hopefully this year), Forest of Doom and Appointment with F.E.A.R in 2013. They also plan to release other titles such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Citadel of Chaos and Deathtap Dungeon as in the future. Tin Man has also set up fightingfantasyapps.com for all related apps.

Tin Man Games have released this promotional video to help you make up your mind.

Every fan should own this app, so what are you waiting for, go slay those Zombies. And whilst you are, don't forget to tweet your achievements and death endings, let the Warlock know how you are getting on.


Latest News - 10th October 2012

Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies is almost here for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smart phones and tablets!! It will be available on Wednesday October 17th, first appearing in New Zealand and then making its way to the various Apple iTunes and Google Play App Stores around the globe!

Latest News - 9th October 2012

A review of Blood of the Zombies by fan Ed Reilly,

“A new Fighting Fantasy adventure by Ian Livingstone is always a cause for celebration and this one is no exception. In many ways, Blood of the Zombies is Ian's own version of House of Hell in that you must navigate your way through a castle full of adversaries (in this case, zombies).

At times, I found myself missing the sheer variety of monster encounters in the standard Fighting Fantasy books. However I did appreciate Ian's inclusion of a pretty female companion who helps you. (I'm sure the male readership will agree with me!) I couldn’t understand why Gingrich Yurr would turn himself into a zombie. There are several coded references to Fighting Fantasy history and Ian makes his customary cameo in the art. The cover and interior art are striking, a particular favourite being the chainsaw zombie (which I sincerely hope wasn’t Amy!)

The return of the green spine is the icing on the cake. So, all in all. a most enjoyable adventure. Let us hope that both Ian and Steve return for one last great adventure in Allansia to enrich the Fighting Fantasy mythos.”

Latest News - 7th October 2012

A few tantalising details about the new version of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! have surfaced.

The developers at inkle say: "We've almost finished our first pass at adapting Book One: The Shamutanti Hills. (Just the final descent into the caves of the dread MANTICORE still to do.) The new version contains every word of the original, alongside about three times as many new words to go with!"

Have they cut anything? "Absolutely not. We're going deeper; making things more detailed."

So dedicated players of the original book will be at an advantage? "Perhaps. But we've talked about adding a couple of traps just for people who can remember the originals. Will we do that? Well. That would be telling, wouldn't it?"

Sorcery! is due out on iPhone and iPad next year. Sign up to the mailing list here www.inklestudios.com/sorcery

Latest News - 25th September 2012

Hot of the press are these Blood of the Zombies iPad images courtesy of Tin Man Games Gamebook Adventures. They signal the final submission to iTunes and therefore it will not be long before you can all download the gamebook to your devices for some interactive Zombie slashing.

Exclusive News - 18th September 2012

Sorcery! coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

Steve Jackson has teamed up with software company inkle, developers of the rave-reviewed Frankenstein app, to bring all four Sorcery! books into the twenty-first century in a series of four cutting-edge iPhone and iPad apps. Find out more in this press release. More news on this too follow.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery

Latest News - 17th September 2012

Love Fighting Fantasy art? Well, issue #88 of ImagineFX magazine is out now. It contains 10 glorious pages of pictures from generations of some of the best Fighting Fantasy artists, in particular that of Iain McCaig nonetheless. Blood of the Zombies artists, Greg Staples (cover) and Kev Crossley (internal), command over 3 pages between them to show off how the cover and illustrations made it to the page including the trials and tribulations of the commission. A sneak preview of the iOS version artwork by Tin Man Games is also shown.

Embedded image permalink

Latest News - 10th September 2012

Congratulations to three lucky winners. In August we ran a quiz based on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to celebrate the 30th Anniversay of Fighting Fantasy to win a signed copy of Blood of the Zombies. The winners were, Matt Gilson, Jaldar Vyas and Charlie Mortenson. Welll done!

Ian Livingstone will be joining fellow author Charlie Hisgson at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Sunday 6th October at 4pm to talk Zombies. Expect to see the iOS and Android versions of Blood of the Zombies to be released at the end of this month.


Read archived news here.


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