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Seb EJ and Bright AI Sorcery! iApp

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Sorcery! Apple iApp: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills

Sorcery! Developer: Seb EJ in partnership with Bright AI
Platform: Apple iPhone & iTouch
Release Date: OUT NOW

Price: £1.79 (tbc)

The Shamutanti Hills is now available from the apple iStore for your iPhone and iPod touch today.


The Sorcery! Apple iApp: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills from Fighting Fantasy is available on the Apple iPhone & iTouch.


Developers Seb EJ and Bright AI are releasing all four Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books in quick succession.

The Apps will appeal to the original Sorcery! fans and encourage a new generation of gamers to get reading. Each book in the Sorcery! series is a complete adventure – you don’t need to have read a previous book to move on to the next.

Play as a warrior or wizard and enjoy many unique features and challenges- that will excite novice and veteran adventurers alike. Rely on your warrior’s strength in battle, or your spell-casting cunning as a wizard.

The Shamutanti Hills iPhone App stays true to the original book, using Steve Jackson’s original text and John Blanche’s iconic illustrations. This highly anticipated iPhone App combines the user-friendly features of an e-book, with a new level of gamebook excitement.

Fighting Fantasy fans will love the classic story and original illustrations with a technological twist. No more dice, pencils, or bookmarks. All the special features are built in!


  • Intro splash screen
  • Tap the on-screen buttons to flip pages
  • Save and resume adventure
  • Audio spot effects
  • Dice roll with or without motion sensor
  • Page change animation
  • High resolution artwork with colour treatment
  • Spells

The Sorcery! iApp is very similar to an eBook, using the text and illustrations from the original books but with page-turning as hyperlinks and a brilliant dice roller using the iPhone itself. Take a look at these exclusive screen shots.

More exciting news, and screenshots on the site as and when they come through.

Sorcery! iApp: Comments

Apple iApp Development Banner

Sorcery! iApp: Comments



If you are excited about/ or upon release have purchased and played Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills, feel free to post your thoughts below or email us at with your own Reviews.


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