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Welcome to the Great Warlock's Quiz Page. Over the last twenty five years the many authors of Fighting Fantasy have created some memorable stories and encounters.  We will add more quizzes to test your trivia knowledge. A big thank you to our resident Quiz master Tammy for all her valued contributions.


New Quiz - August 2013

Have you got enough knowledge about The Forest of Doom to answer these 25 questions? Quiz 8

New Quiz - March 2013

Test your wits and take the Blood of Zombies Quiz. Quiz 7

New Quiz - August 2012

To celebrate 30 years of Fighting Fantasy try your hand at this Warlock of Firetop Mountain Quiz (and competition). Quiz 6

New Quiz - May 2012

Test your knowledge of 'Stormslayer' in Quiz 5

New Quiz - February 2012

Checkout this new quiz...


In this quiz all you need is a knowledge of SORCERY! spells . Good luck!



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Quiz 1


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Quiz 3


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What is Fighting Fantasy?

Fighting Fantasy is the title given to a series of interactive novels also known as gamebooks that were developed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Read More

Fighting Fantasy History

Are you interested in knowing how the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook was first devised? It all started in 1980...

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Fighting Fantasy Rules

Take a look at how the Fighting Fantasy rules work and examine an assortment of core Official Fighting Fantasy rules that have been introduced within the Gamebooks. Read More

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