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Warlocks Quill

Hello there Adventurers. Welcome to the Warlocks Quill letters page created especially for fans who are new to Fighting Fantasy, as well as older fans of our adventure game books and system. The goal of the Warlocks Quill is to give YOU the opportunity to write in with all your interesting questions, comments . . . and complaints. Tell us what you'd like to see on this site - because it's your site. We would very much like to read readers views of the site and the books? Have you found the books too hard? What about the art? Do you like the new site? Let us know and please send the Great Wizard your letters on any or all of these subjects.

We very much like to read readers views of the site and the books so please keep your letters flooding in, as we really do love hearing from you. This area also gives YOU! the opportunity to ask Steve and Ian the questions about Fighting Fantasy you always wanted to ask. When you write to us we always like you to tell us something too, so this month could you tell us who your favourite gamebook authors and artists are. Just send an email to us and until the letters arrive by email or post (see contact page) keep bashing those Orcs. Send your letters and question regarding the FF series to us or Steve and Ian: mail@fightingfantasy.com.


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