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Do you have a favourite Fighting Fantasy book that you think is greatest? Do you have one that you don't like? Is there a particular book you would like to see more of or a character you would like us to tell you more about? Let us know and then send it in.

We'll be posting all the best Reviews (good and bad). Do you have an opinion on the new Wizard Fighting Fantasy Gamebook's? How do you rate the books on a scale of 1 to 10? Want to let us (and the rest of the world) know? Then give us your opinion here. We actively encouraged all our fans to write to us with any Reviews of the books so far released and submit them for the entire Fighting Fantasy community to read. Whether your a veteran or novice Fighting Fantasy fan, Share your your knowledge about the Fighting Fantasy series, your thoughts about the new covers or the interior illustrations, and your opinions on the story or difficulty of the book. This page will present all those Reviews that have been contributed to us. Send your Reviews of Wizards Fighting Fantasy Books to us at:

Creature of Havoc

Review 1 - Ed Reilly (added May 2012)

Review 2 - Mirko Simon Ruckels (added July 2013)

Deathtrap Dungeon

Review 1 - Duncan Saunders (added May 2012)

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Review 1 - Robert Lavallie
Review 2 - Laurence Sinclair
Review 3 - Bryan Spargo
Review 4 - Phillip Reed
Review 5 - Alan Biggs
Review 6 - Amanda Johnston
Review 7 - Christopher Binns
Review 8 - Darren Lewis
Review 9 - Callum Anderson
Review 10 - Julie Evans
Review 11 - Joey Salmon
Review 12 - Spencer Schunk
Review 13 - Josh Bell
Review 14 - Kieran Hansford
Review 15 - David Barbara
Review 16 - Nick Folley

The Citadel of Chaos

Review 1 - Laurence Sinclair
Review 2 - Bryan Spargo
Review 3 - Phillip Reed
Review 4 - Shawn Temple
Review 5 - Calum O'Hara
Review 5 - David Barbara

The Forest of Doom

Review 1 - Bryan Spargo
Review 2 - Laurence Sinclair
Review 3 - Phil Sadler

The Legend of Zagor

Review 1 - Mathew Brown
Review 2 - Paul Partington

House of Hell

Review 1 - Cameron Burns

Return to Firetop Mountain

Review 1 - James Stoneman


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Fighting Fantasy is the title given to a series of interactive novels also known as gamebooks that were developed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Read More

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Are you interested in knowing how the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook was first devised? It all started in 1980...

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Take a look at how the Fighting Fantasy rules work and examine an assortment of core Official Fighting Fantasy rules that have been introduced within the Gamebooks. Read More

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