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FF2: The Citadel of Chaos

UK £ 5.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 This edition not available in the United States - click here for news ISBN 9781848310766 FF2 cover

Here we enter classic FF: the Citadel of Chaos. This is the second book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, and is written entirely by Steve Jackson. It is set in the mythical land of Allansia and you play the part of a wizard/warrior hero who has been sent out into the wilderness to prevent an invasion.

Book Description: Your journey takes you to the large mountain range known as the Craggen Heights, where a Dark Sorcerer Warlord named Balthus Dire resides in a fortress citadel known as the Black Tower. You will journey to the citadel, exploring the vast maze-like fortress whilst overcoming traps, hostile creatures and spirits. In the process, you must find and collect several artifacts in order to complete your quest.

If you manage to avoid being imprisoned, killed or getting lost, you will eventually face the demonic Balthus Dire in a fight to the death (using your weapons and/or magic). The book is an absolute Fighting Fantasy classic as it introduces the second of the Demonic Three. A group of evil sorcerers, the Three were once students of the great Volegra Darkstorm, who resided within the grassy wastes of the eastern Flatlands.

Balthus Dire re-appears in later books in the Fighting Fantasy series, such as the excellent Trolltooth Wars and Creature of Havoc. The Citadel of Chaos has all the freshness and excitement of the first book, whilst the monsters, traps, and encounters are original and inventive. It is a must for all Fighting Fantasy readers. The ending is great as well...

About the Author: Steve Jackson

Kevin Jenkins

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