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FF1: New series: Warlock of Firetop Mountain

UK £ 5.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 Now available in the United States ISBN 9781848310759 FF1 cover

In the later part of 1982, two individuals known as Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone finished a project known as The Magic Quest that they had begun in August of that year. The project was an adventure gamebook, a fantasy story with a difference. In The Magic Quest the reader actually decided what happened next. After a long introduction to set the scene, the reader would become a main character and player in the adventure, given options as to which way to progress within the story. An additional element in the adventure book idea was the use of six-sided dice, an exciting new feature that contributed to its phenomenon success.

Before a story or adventure could begin, the reader or 'player' had to determine the main character's abilities, in preperation for encounters with deadly enemies or dangerous scenarios. These abilities were generated through the use of the dice (or D6 as they are commonly known in role-playing quarters) and were Skill, Stamina and Luck. With the use of a basic and easy-to-follow combat system (using the D6), along with the character stats, a player could face dangerous tasks and fight battles with the outcome of possible success or failure dependant on the role of a dice. Upon the book's completion and after an endless debate, the original working title of The Magic Quest was dropped and a new title reached through compromise. On the day the completed book was finally handed in, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was born, and with it the beginnings of the Fighting Fantasy game and legacy. The book holds a unique place in the annals of Fighting Fantasy. As well as being first in the series, it introduced a legion of fans to the excitement of Gamebooks and went on to become an international bestseller.

Book Description: The object of this first Fighting Fantasy adventure is to traverse the Firetop Mountain, a vast highland outcrop on the eastern reaches of the Pagan Plains and north western reaches of the Moonstone Hills. Within the mountain is the evil Warlock Zagor, a ruthless and powerful sorcerer who rules over the region with his chaotic legions of orcs, goblins and trolls.

About the Authors: Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson

Martin McKenna

Russ Nicholson

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