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Crypt of the Sorcerer

Within our rules area you can read a guide to assorted core Official Fighting Fantasy rules that have been introduced within the Gamebooks. These Fast-Play Rules will help jump start any new gamer wanting to learn about the system and help a player develop their own amateur adventures that we would be delighted to showcase exclusively on the website.

The Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks and Sorcery! Books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone are different to any other book you may have read before. They are far different from traditional sword-and-sorcery novels and if read from start to finish, can make no sense at all.

What makes the books unique is that they are part book and also part of a fantasy adventure game that have given hundreds of thousands of readers a taste of worlds of magic, monsters and treasure like never before. The adventure story contained within the books is broken into small paragraph-sized chunks that are numbered for reference. As the reader reads the book they are given choices that affect the flow of the book and the direction the story will then go. During the story there are monsters to be battled, and puzzles to be solved. And in these fantastic adventures, the reader is the Hero.

A paragraph may perhaps tell the reader that they are “… walking down a spooky passageway. You come to a T-junction. If you want to turn right, go to 57. If you want to turn left, go to 176.” They will then make their own decision as to how there adventure progresses. The adventure can be “played” again and again. Each time the adventure can be different.

The Gamebooks are very much a simplified version of all fantasy role-playing games, and follow the same basic principal with just one player rather a group of players. Role-playing games tend to have numerous statistics, quite complex rules that go into tremendous detail, and also require a lot of charts and tables that need to be constantly referred to. Keeping the spirit of role-playing games, Fighting Fantasy places a great more emphasis on ‘fun’ and keeps rules and bookkeeping to a minimum with no tables and charts. This allows the Gamebooks to be played quickly and the players to enjoy very fluid moving adventures that can be modelled around whatever genre is required.


The Fighting Fantasy game system like all role-playing games uses dice as a principal part of the game. They are used to adjudicate events and probability, as well as for generating aspects of the player’s character in the game - known as characteristics. To play Fighting Fantasy you need some dice. Unlike other more complicated role-playing games that use a multitude of oddly shaped and numbered polyhedral dice, Fighting Fantasy requires you to obtain ordinary six-sided borrowed from a board game that you own. The game system used by Fighting Fantasy follows the same basic principle in all of its Gamebooks: Roll a number of six-sided dice equal to the character's SKILL, STAMINA, LUCK or ATTACK STRENGTH. If the total generated equals or exceeds the current value, then the character succeeds.

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Fighting Fantasy Rules

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